Filling Out Your Child Custody Forms

The day when you have fill out you child custody forms is one of mixed blessings. In one way it is one of the saddest days of your life, because it more than likely means that something has gone awry in your current relationship, and you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to try to secure custody of your child for yourself.

On the flip side of that you should also realise that it marks a new chapter in your life that will hopefully be better then the last one, (or at least the last days of the last one for certain). And that hopefully you will be able to secure a better future for yourself and your child by filling in the child custody forms and getting the access that you desire.

As you go through this process many thoughts will be running through your head and not all of them will be particularly charitable about your ex partner. One factor that you MUST consider in all this is exactly how your children will perceive the process that you are about to embark on, and how you can make it so that they are as unaffected as possible by all the goings on with your ex partner.

This can of course be difficult to achieve, and the reality is that you may not be able to forgive your ex (assuming they were the ones that split you up). However, don’t let thoughts of vengeance or getting your own back cloud your judgement as you are filling in the child custody forms.

You need to keep a clear head, because your child’s feelings have to remain paramount in the whole process, and it is vital that you keep in mind what is in their best interests throughout.

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